Define Your Eyebrows With County Line Eyebrow Powder

Posted by Cowgirl Dirt on 5/9/2017 to Makeup Tips
Define Your Eyebrows With County Line Eyebrow Powder

Introducing Our New County Line Brow Powder

A defining look includes properly done eyebrows. You may have good eye makeup and a gorgeous shade of lipstick on, but if you don't shape and fill in your eyebrows properly, your look is not complete. The county line eyebrow powder is a wonderfully smooth and easy to apply eyebrow makeup. If you have sparse brows, powder goes on smoothly, and you can find just the right shade for your eyebrows. You won't find a brow powder as good for your brows as County Line Brow Powder, and it's a great price too.

Why Choose County Line Brow Powder?

County Line Brow Powder comes in a small round case which is compact and easy to carry. You will love the quality of the packaging. It's sturdy, and it closes completely shut. You can take it with you when you travel.

Regarding value for money, this product has a beautiful texture, good color payoff, and real staying power on hairless areas. You will also find that the hairless areas do not smudge even on a hot day or even with my very oily skin. Sometimes, eyebrow powder won't last long due to the powder on hairless areas migrating. County Line Brow Powder is one powder that does not fade. You will still have defined eyebrows at the end of the day. 

The shades of County Line Brow Powder are perfect. You will be amazed at how pigmented these powders are. A little bit goes a long way. You will be thrilled with this product. It looks very natural and stays put all day. 

Cowgirl Tip: The trick is following directions and getting the hang of using a light touch. Press the powder into the innermost part of the brow and then lightly sweep it up over the arch. This action will produce perfectly arched natural-looking full brows.

County Line Brow Powders have a soft matte finish, and they look natural on the brows. They have staying power and if you want the product to stay put longer, use a primer or dampen your brush before applying the powder. It is not waxy, so if you have unruly eyebrows, it is best to use an eyebrow gel/mascara or clear mascara to tame the hair.

For very soft and natural shades you can even mix the colors together to find your perfect match. We offer County Line Brow Powders in shades of Blonde, Light Brunette, Brunette and Dark Brunette.

Cowgirls, you will be impressed with this product. It will be one of your favorites the moment you try it. We highly recommend applying County Line Brow Powder with Cowgirl Dirt's Eyeliner Brush for precise application. 

Do you have any more tips for applying brow powder? Share your power tips below.

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