6 Steps to Using Moisturizers the Right Way

Posted by Cowgirl Dirt on 10/31/2016 to Skincare
6 Steps to Using Moisturizers the Right Way

Advantages to Moisturizing

Moisturizing daily has so many advantages for your skin, both immediate and as a preventive measure for future issues. The functions of moisturizer goes far beyond the basic hydration.

  • Your moisturizer is a shield between your skin and the elements. 
  • Enhances skin texture and delicate quality to keep your face rodeo ready.  
  • Keeps your skin looking young and healthy. 
  • Keeps your skin hydrated by securing hydration, acting as water loss prevention. 
  • Shields your skin from harsh climate on the trails. 
  • Some moisturizers contain SPF protection which shields the skin from sun damage. 
  • Prevents and treats dry skin.  

The Best Way To Use Your Moisturizer

Now that you understand why you require moisturizers, here is how to use them to get the best benefits for your skin: 

  1. Wash your face before applying your moisturizer: If you apply lotion all over your face as it is, you would trap dirt and oils to your skin, that way blocking your pores. This can lead to breakouts from oil build up. 
  2. Exfoliate once a week to take off dead skin cells and soften the skin. 
  3. Pat your face dry, don't draw or pull on your skin. 
  4.  Use the suggested amount, and apply it with your fingers then use all over by tapping it in, not rubbing. 
  5.  After applying your moisturizer, wait a few minutes before you use other products on your skin. 

We Recommend

Blue Ribbon Face Moisturizer. Its major target is skin hydration and protection. It absorbs into the skin easily without leaving a greasy or oily film. Want soft, gorgeous skin? Then you should definitely give it a try. 

Morning Dew Face Moisturizer It is perfect for sensitive to oily skin types. This means no matter your skin type, it’s perfect for you. Even better, it balances the skin’s ph while providing hydration. With this moisturizer, you can say goodbye to surprise skin issues. 

Churned Butter Body Moisturizer it is very hydrating and is infused with antioxidants needed to keep skin cells healthy. 

Cowgirl Bonus #1

When moisturizing your body, take a bath or shower before moisturizing. Sometimes, in seasons that are dry and cool, we apply lotions without doing this initial step. However, washing off dirt and oil from the skin makes it a lot easier for your skin to absorb the moisturizer, enhancing its effectiveness. At least once a week exfoliate your body with scrubs or a body brush. You can use both and switch it up now and again. Dry brushing before your bath also helps to improve blood circulation in the body. Immediately after your bath or shower, apply your moisturizer. It is important you do this right after, this way you can lock in hydration to keep your skin soft and healthy looking. 

Cowgirl Bonus #2

Your skin should be hydrated both from the inside and the outside. Drink enough water especially if you live in a place that gets extremely hot or has dry air. When you treat your skin from all areas, your result would be a glowing complexion that would be worth all the effort.

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