Beauty Hacks: How To Fake A Full Pout Using Cowgirl Dirt Lippies

Posted by Cowgirl Dirt on 11/3/2016 to Makeup Tips
Beauty Hacks: How To Fake A Full Pout Using Cowgirl Dirt Lippies

Plump, full lips don’t have to come at the price of scary surgical procedures or injections. With the right beauty products, you can give yourself a full pout in no time at all. Tricks like over lining your lips don’t always work, and sometimes your lip liner can stand out on your skin as obviously fake.

Use these genius tricks and products to make your lips look bigger:

1.     Exfoliate your lips to make them smooth for application. You can do this using a lip scrub or by running your toothbrush over your lips after brushing. Make sure your lips have been wet for a while so the dead skin cells can soften and come off easily.


2.     Start application by dabbing Showdown Lip Gloss in the middle of your lips. This gloss will pick up on any light that falls on it, giving your lips a fuller look.



3.     Using your preferred shade of the Latigo Lip Liner Pencils, line your lips just above the natural line. Don’t stray too far from your natural line as you need the application to look as natural as possible. Remember to keep your cupid’s bow as a bow. We recommend that you use a color that is similar to that of your lipstick. This way, your lip color would blend easier.


4.     Using the lip liner, fill in your lips to create a base for your lipstick.



5.     Apply your favorite shade of the Vigilante Vit. E Stick or Go West Lipstick all over your lips, giving yourself a good amount of coverage. If you’re skeptical about the amount used, simply pucker up and plant a kiss on a napkin. That will even it all out.


6.     Use an angled brush to blend the liner and the lipstick. You can put some lipstick on the brush to help the blending process go smoothly.



7.     As an extra step, you can use a brush to apply some bronzer under your bottom lip. It will help create an illusion of naturally full lips.


If you want to make the full lips look work for you, we recommend that you avoid using dark lipstick colors when creating this look. Dark colors are naturally slimming and will flatten the appearance of your mouth. Instead, go with nude, pale pinks, reds and other brightening colors.


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