Makeup Brush Round-Up Part 3

Posted by Cowgirl Dirt on 12/2/2016 to Makeup Tips
Makeup Brush Round-Up Part 3

We hope you found the last two Make-Up Round-Ups helpful. This week we are featuring our
Blush and Bronzer Brushes. Hopefully, by the end of this final round-up, you will have a better understanding of the unique purpose of each brush.

Strap on your spurs and put on your hats! It’s time for you to learn about all of those brushes. 

We will start with our Blush Brush. It is a bit of a tongue twister, but when used correctly, with Wild West Blush, this brush gives you flawless cheek coverage. Have you ever seen your horse make a fish face? We haven't either, but we are going to ask you to make one. Once you have made your fish face apply the Wild West Blush to your cheek bone by using the tip of the brush. Blend the color so you don't end up with distinct lines where the color ends. If done correctly, you will have a beautiful sun-kissed face and will look rodeo ready.

Now we come to the Angled Blush Brush. With this brush in your saddlebag you will have a more precise and bright look. The shape of this brush gives you a more definitive sculpted look. Use this brush with the Wild West Blush or the Rodeo Dust Bronzer on the angled tip along your cheek bone.

Kabuki Brush, what a fun name to say, but what this brush can accomplish is no joke. Have you ever wondered where it got its name? It came from the traditional Japanese Kabuki Theater where the actors used elaborate makeup. This brush is perfect for full coverage and controlled application. Use for blending Mineral Powdered FoundationSilk Veil, and Finishing Powder.

Last, but not least in our round-up is the Fan Brush. Shaped like a fan this brush helps you to finish out your look. Perfect for highlighting and finishing touches, this brush precisely blends bronzer or blush to naturally highlight or contour your face. Its lightweight hairs sweep Finishing Powder lightly over your face to set your makeup. As a finale to your makeup routine, the Fan Brush lifts excess makeup touching up the overall application to create a seamless look.

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