Do I Really Need To Use A Toner?

Posted by Cowgirl Dirt on 9/12/2016 to Skincare
Do I Really Need To Use A Toner?

Do I Really Need To Use A Toner?

Many cowgirls still don't understand how necessary toning is or what it does. People give differing reasons for using toners, and sometimes, you might be misled by salespersons who just want to push you into paying for an extra product. 

What is the real function of a toner then? 

  • Toner helps to shrink your pores and lock in moisture, while adding a layer protection to your skin. 

  • A good toner is needed to rebalance the pH level of the skin and rehydrate the skin. 

  • Some cowgirls use toners to remove whatever residue cleansing and washing did not take off. Things like dust and oils cling tightly to the skin and can get into the pores. Toning helps to remove those particles and rid your skin of those excesses. 

Is toning absolutely necessary? 

Yes, especially if you use cleansers (which you should). Because of their formulation, cleansers can raise the skin's natural pH to a level that is not good for the skin. Proper toning is needed to return that pH balance to the skin.

Selecting the perfect toner.

When shopping for a toner, look for products that contain antioxidants and other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. The Cowgirl Dirt Tried and True Toner is loaded with natural ingredients that feed the skin with all the nutrients it needs, while keeping the skin balanced at the same time. It also contains cell communicating properties that help speed up recovery in skin cells, promoting youthful skin. 

Using a good toner like this will give you amazing benefits in just a short while. Toning is also an essential step if you are concerned about skin aging. Keeping your skin in a constant, stable state will help slow the signs of aging. 

Look for toners that are gentle on sensitive skin and contain moisturizing ingredientsMany cowgirls assume that sensitive skin is a skin type, but the truth is, all skin types are sensitive. Skin issues like inflammation might not show up on the skin, which means that your skin cells could be suffering, and you are not aware of it. This is why choosing safe products without harsh ingredients are best. Also, look for toners with ingredients that work to repair sun damage to the skin. The Cowgirl Dirt Tried and True Toner contains Vitamin C, which is a very effective in treating sun damage issues like age spots and hyper-pigmentation. 

Give skin toners a try and improve your skin health. Use your toner immediately after cleansing your skin, while the pores are still open and the skin is tender. The benefits are huge as they work to compliment the other steps in your skincare regimen.

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Welcome To Simply Cowgirl

Posted by Cowgirl Dirt on 9/6/2016
Welcome To Simply Cowgirl

Howdy Cowgirls!

How many of you love getting makeup tips? How about more information on all of your amazing Cowgirl Dirt makeup? Better yet, how would you like to get exclusive coupons and deals?

Cowgirl Dirt has some exciting news for all you cowgirls! This post is the first of our brand new weekly blog series. We are so excited to begin this incredible journey with all of you. We know how much y'all love "True Beauty and Pure Cosmetics," so we know that you will love this new blog.

To celebrate the kick off of "Simply Cowgirl," we want to offer an exclusive coupon code for our first subscribers, so don't miss out. All you need to do is subscribe below, and you will receive your special coupon code via email.

We look forward to talking with each of you every Monday right here.

~Cowgirl Dirt




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