Powder vs. Liquid Concealer

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Powder vs. Liquid Concealer


The main purpose of a concealer is to hide pimples, age spots, dark circles, large pores, facial veins, blemishes and more recently highlight and contour.





Powder concealer usually resembles face powder but is more pigmented. It is made to perfectly conceal blemishes and other facial flaws. Powder concealer is a great option for anyone looking for a certain level of coverage with a natural finish in a formulation which is kind to the skin. Thanks to its gentle formulation, powder concealer is suitable for even sensitive and acne prone skin, and it provides a level of coverage which still looks natural. It can help to maintain a shine free face throughout the day. 


Powder concealer also lasts a lot longer than liquid or stick concealer, so it is perfect for those requiring long lasting coverage. Because powder concealer usually contains natural ingredients and leaves out those which can cause breakouts, it is an ideal choice for women with sensitive skin, who may not be able to wear traditional concealers. 


Powder concealers are usually applied to the face with a brush or a damp cosmetic sponge. You may find that for dry skin a slightly damp sponge is the best option. Apply gently in order to not to cause flaking. Another great perk of powder concealer is that it can be used under or over foundation and it also works well in the T-zone area which can get oily after a few hours. 




Liquid concealer is preferred for covering pimples and dark spots as it offers a good consistency and coverage. It is also known to work best for those with dry skin. Liquid concealer is the least likely to cake up, and it poses minimal risk of clogging pores. It is also the least likely to crease throughout the day when it's set in place with a setting powder, although some lines are always possible. Liquid concealer is also desirable for use on wrinkled areas because its thin texture.


Liquid concealer is easy to blend, it can be applied using fingers, a sponge or a brush to suit the individual’s skin type. It will not cling to dry, flaky patches of skin thanks to its moisturizing properties. The level of coverage provided can be built up to ensure a perfect finish. 


Liquid concealer is generally a safer choice for those new to the concealer game. It's also perfect for under the eyes as that area doesn't produce oil. T-zone areas can get oily after a few hours of using liquid concealer resulting in a blotchy look. This is why it's best to go with a concealer with a matte finish and finish with a setting powder. 

Cowgirl Beauty Tip: It's important to go a shade lighter than your skin tone to prevent a chalky finish. 



Which one should I use?


Powder concealers are great, because you get a natural concealed looked. Powder concealer works best for those who have oily skin. If this is you, you really should try our Mustang Powder Concealer.


Liquid concealer is great fit for days you need more coverup for darker blemishes, pimples and scars, and it's amazing for people with dry skin. Try one or all of our four liquid concealers. We have one for all types of coverage.



6 Reasons You Should Be Using All Natural Makeup

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6 Reasons You Should Be Using All Natural Makeup

Natural makeup products are a safer alternative to chemical based beauty products. A natural product is described as one that contains mostly or completely naturally derived ingredients. These ingredients are derived from plants, flora, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals.


6 Reasons You Should Be Using All Natural Makeup

1. Around 80% of what we apply on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream. Makeup products with natural ingredients are generally kinder to skin than regular make-up products. Many skin problems, such as acne, contact dermatitis, irritations, and allergies will often disappear once synthetic ingredients are removed from your makeup products.


2. Natural  make-up is suitable for all skin types and tones, and for all ages. There are a lot of 100% natural makeup products out there from foundations, powders and blushes, to eye shadows and bronzers. Natural makeup products are often described as being lighter in texture and softer on skin. Makeup products with natural ingredients are also less likely to dry your skin or cause oiliness, and are non-comedogenic, meaning they won't clog your facial pores. 


3. The rise of natural make-up products has made us a lot more wary of the ingredients traditional cosmetics contain. We have come to realize that a lot of beauty products available contain chemicals that can irritate our skin. Natural make-up products often contain fewer additives than regular cosmetics. The ingredients are natural and all earth based, and are devoid of any skin irritants and synthetics such as talc, parabens, fragrances, and preservatives. 


4. Makeup with natural ingredients will feel more breathable on your skin. For those who possess oily and combination skin, natural makeup should be your holy grail as it is excellent for sensitive and acne prone skin. The oil base in regular foundations can exacerbate the problem of excess oil by clogging pores, but natural make-up is water base meaning your make-up stays in place, but it won't clog pores and will reduce your chances of an unwanted breakout.


5. Makeup products made with natural ingredients typically look, perform, and feel amazing. Natural ingredients are not extracted or processed using anything other than natural products as solvents, they are produced by nature, not exposed to irradiation and do not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms).


6. When switching to natural makeup you may want to take extra care of your cosmetic brushes and applicators. Dirt and excess product fester on brushes, leaving them full of germs and bacteria. In turn when we continually use them to apply make-up we end up transferring these bacteria to our skin, which leads to pores becoming clogged. Harmful chemicals can already be found all over your house you really do not want to transfer them to your face.


Overall, for those of you who wear makeup everyday, ridding your stash of chemical and artificial makeup products will be exceedingly beneficial for your skin. Head over to our store and see all the amazing natural products we offer.

Powder vs. Pencil Eyeliner

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Powder vs. Pencil Eyeliner

Do you often feel that when it comes to applying eyeliner you have little or no skill, and then you stick with the safest and less stressful method? Do you tend to use one type of eyeliner, and are you afraid to try any other types? Do you know which type of eyeliner is best for you? 

At Cowgirl Dirt, we believe we have the best of both worlds for you. We love both pencil and powder eyeliners and hope to show you how both can give your cowgirl eyes a very distinct look.



What we love about this eyeliner is the staying power and minimal fallout. This powder eyeliner is very pigmented and can be used to create both dramatic and defined eyes. This mineral eyeliner is also perfect for sensitive eyes by containing all natural ingredients.


Gunsmoke Powder Eyeliner is best applied with a damp angled brush as it intensifies and gives more definition. You will appreciate that this eyeliner can be used on your lower lash line to create a soft smudged look. Once this eyeliner sets on the eyes it doesn't smudge. You can either choose to apply a thin layer of eyeliner or make it thicker. 


The other advantage of Gunsmoke Powder Eyeliner is that it adds definition along the eyelashes making your facial features more prominent. It's easy to apply even with shaky hands, and can double up as a smokey eyeshadow. Overall, it's perfect for an intriguing eye look.





Most people will agree that the oldest and simplest form of eyeliner application is with eyeliner pencils. Of course, they are the best for beginners, and they should be staple in our makeup stash. Some claim the color that pencil eyeliners give are not deep or intensified, but we have found this to be untrue in the case of our Mudslinger Eyeliner Pencils. They glide on easy and quickly when applying, and they are highly pigmented and look the most natural. 

Pencils are perfect for everyday eyeliner. The Mudslinger Eyeliner Pencils are all natural and work even on the most sensitive skin. They are great in that they do not smear or smudge, the color stays on all day, and brings out the beauty in your cowgirl eyes. Overall, with pencils, the intensity and precision is amazing.




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4 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting the Best Results From Your Moisturizer

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4 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting the Best Results From Your Moisturizer

Moisturizing is one of the most important steps in skincare. All your cleansing products and steps will be useless, or even problematic, to your skin if you don't perform that last step of sealing your skin with a good moisturizer. However, using a moisturizer daily does not mean you are getting the benefits. There are several reasons why you might not be getting the most from your moisturizer.

How to get the most out of your moisturizer.

1.     Don't use too much.

It's okay to want the full effect of your moisturizer, but that won't happen by packing it all on your face at once. Doing this can cause blocked pores and leave your skin feeling greasy. If you have noticed this happening to you, reduce the amount of moisturizer you use on your face at once.


2.     Make sure you are using enough.

When using beauty products, you need to find the balance that works just right for your skin. Moisturizers are not exempt from this rule. Using too little moisturizer will not only leave your skin dry, but it won't perform its basic function as a sealant. This means your face is left bare after cleansing or exfoliation, and hydration will evaporate quickly. This could also lead to the breakdown of collagen in the skin, which could lead to wrinkles and fine lines forming on your face.


3.     Use only on clean skin.

Using moisturizer on dirty skin has very little to no benefit for your skin. Dirty doesn't necessarily mean covered in dirt. It could also mean dead skin cells. Dead skin cells cover up the newer, healthier cells, blocking their path to hydration and nutrition. The best way to prevent this is by exfoliating regularly. The Bareback 2 in 1 Makeup Remover and Cleanser is a good cleanser and exfoliator for your face. If you want a gentle, daily exfoliating product, try out the Tried and True Toner.


4.     Use the right moisturizer for your skin type.

Moisturizers are designed for different skin types because each skin type has its own specific need. Using the wrong moisturizer for your skin can actually make your skin worse and cause problems. When shopping for a moisturizer, make sure you read the label to know if it works with your skin type. Some moisturizers are also for all skin types. These types of moisturizers are a safe bet for everyone.

Do you have any moisturizing tips? Share them below.

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