Colors Of Spring

Posted by Cowgirl Dirt on 3/21/2017 to Makeup Tips
Colors Of Spring

Spring makeup consists of three basic looks, the natural, the shine, and the bold. With these three simple and beautiful looks, you’ll be ready to lasso in even the toughest of problems. Spring is a time to relax, admire the blossoming flowers, and rein in those lazy horses. So why spend all of your time trying to get the perfect makeup? Luckily, the spring season will have makeup styles that are effortless and naturally beautiful.

A Bit Of Shine

The cowgirl with shine is going to be reigning this spring season. A little glimmer is what is trending.


We can't get enough of highlighted face and skin. The first glow comes from healthy skin. The more radiant the skin the better. Highlighters and Rodeo Dust Bronzer will help give your face dimension without weighing down the look. You can also opt for Rio Grande liquid foundation or Southern Belle Cream Foundation to get that fresh face glow.


It's safe to say we are going to see the resurgence of lip gloss. Anything from the high-shine of Showdown Lip Gloss for that lacquered pout to Bulletproof Lip Glaze for a softer effect, they will all be popular.


The application for this trend starts from highlighting the inner corner of the eyes with Under Eye Highlight Concealer, and a shimmer creamy gold pencil can work just right for the inner corner of the eyes.

Natural (No Makeup Makeup)


The natural look is as vital as ever this spring. This is not only a spring makeup trend; it is a forever beauty trend. The trick to this is wearing a full face of undetectable makeup. Use sheer-coverage liquid foundations like our Bronco BB Cream, and use concealers sparingly, for soft highlights and a beautifully blended contour.


With one subtle color like California Trail of our Vigilante Vit. E Lipstick collection or other nude shades you can get an effortlessly flawless look. Choose colors with a satin finish to achieve an even more natural look.


Fuller and natural looking brows are the natural makeup look for spring. Avoid over plucked eyebrows and go for bold brows. You can use the County Line Brow Pencils, Lash'em Up Mascara, and carefully blended eyeshadow to get this effect.

Bold Colors

While we have some cowgirls that lean towards the natural trend, bright pops of color are not left out this spring.


Get ready draping is replacing contouring this spring. Draping involves applying blush high along your cheekbones to sculpt your features. Shades to go for are Ponderosa, Buckle, or Petal. You want your features to pop.


The trend wouldn't be complete without bold lipstick. Go for a matte or semi-matte shade of red lipstick, for spring 2017. California Trail, Big Sky Country, and Arizona Territory are trending this spring. Ombré lips are also making an appearance.


Blue eyeliner, like Denim, is a good way to rock this spring look or a swipe of highly pigmented bright eyeshadow colors across the lid.

Do you have any spring tips you would like to share?

How To Get That Airbrushed Look

Posted by Cowgirl Dirt on 3/14/2017 to Makeup Tips
How To Get That Airbrushed Look

Every cowgirl would love to have that flawless airbrushed look on a daily basis. A few common mistakes can take away from the look we all desire. Cakey, dry, or oily makeup does seem to have a mind of its own. So, how do you get that balanced look that is just perfect?

It's not as hard as you think to get that flawless look; you just need to do the right steps in the correct order. You will be surprised how easy it can be to get that airbrushed finish.

Here are three tips, gathered from the experts themselves, how to get that airbrushed look for your everyday ventures!

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate!

A smooth and clean canvas is a must for an airbrushed finale. You can’t expect all the layers to sit well when the base is too oily, dirty or dry!

Make sure you hydrate your skin well to make it supple and shiny. Using our Morning Glory Hydration Cleanser and Blue Ribbon Face Moisturizer will provide you just that. They are a perfect consistency to all the products that will lay on top. They are the first step in getting you that smooth finish.

The Formula

It’s important to figure out the makeup products that work perfectly for you. Primers are essential as they help your makeup stick to your skin as one, instead of giving a cakey or thick look.

Investing in a good primer and foundation that give you your desired amount of coverage is necessary. At Cowgirl Dirt, we have a variety of shades and coverages to meet everyone's needs. A highly-pigmented foundation will help conceal blemishes in a single coat. A heavier foundation will exclude the need for concealers or other products that could layer upon your face and give you an uneven look.

Get a few samples and try out some of the foundations at Cowgirl Dirt. We have the right formulas to give you a professional look in an instant!

The Tools

Brushes and beauty blenders offer better application and blending. Although applying makeup with your fingers seems more convenient in a hurry, it results in an uneven distribution of the foundation and an unsettled final result.

Using a beauty blender or foundation brush will spread the foundation into all the crevices and give you that airbrushed look that you so desire. Not using the proper tools is a common cause of makeup mishaps, and correcting it can give your make up an entirely different air.

Contrary to popular belief, the airbrushed look isn’t difficult to get. You just need to correct some of the basics. Makeup professionals give priority to these small steps, which is why they can give celebrities that photoshopped look. You can claim the airbrushed look for yourself as well. All you need to do is follow the tips above, and that airbrushed look can be yours.

Cowgirl Sun Protection

Posted by Cowgirl Dirt on 3/7/2017 to Skincare
Cowgirl Sun Protection

Cowgirl Tips: Protecting Your Skin From The Sun

Spring Break is just around the corner, and we at Cowgirl Dirt are getting just as feisty as you are for the warmer days ahead. Spring fever begins to take over in the latter part of the winter when you think the short cold days will never end.

When the cherry blossoms begin to bloom and the warm breezes start blowing, the urge to transition to the outdoors is almost impossible to resist. Seriously, it is time to pull out the straw hat and put the winter one away till next fall, right?

The skin is the biggest organ of the body. Therefore, it needs adequate protection all year. Finding the best ways of protecting your skin when moving from one season to the next should be on your list of priorities. So what do you need to do?

Study Your Skin Type

First, you have to know your skin type. This information is critical in helping you to identify the product to use to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

Knowing how sensitive you are to the sun is all about understanding your skin's pigment. Everybody has unique pigmentation, which determines how quickly or slowly the skin burns with exposure to the sun. Knowing this about yourself will help you to select a sunscreen lotion that has the right Sun Protection Factor (SPF) for you.

There are plenty of sunscreens to choose from on the market. We recommend choosing one made of natural ingredients. All sunscreen is not created equal so make sure to experiment and see which one works best for you.

Cowgirl Tip: If you are sensitive to gluten make sure to get a gluten free sunscreen. Sunscreen is one of those products many people do not realize that some have gluten in it.

Using the Right Sunscreen Lotion

It's important to use the sunscreen lotion before you begin enjoying outdoor life once more. Applying sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside will help it to set and not wash off immediately in the water, or sweat off. One ounce of the sunscreen lotion applied on the skin before heading outside is enough to protect you adequately.

Cowgirl Tip: UV radiation from the sun is at dangerous levels in North America, between late spring and early summer.

Other Protective Measures

The skin is more prone to sunburn during the transition from spring to summer. Apart from sunscreen, you can also embark on a few protective measures for your skin.

These actions include:

  • Dressing right when preparing to spend time outdoors.

  • Applying sunscreen even on chilly and cloudy days.

  • Staying indoors between 10 am and 4 pm when the sun (or UV) is at its strongest levels.

  • Do not use expired lotion. Buy new each year.

The skin needs protection against harmful UV rays. Applying the right sun protection helps in preventing premature aging, lowering risks of skin cancer, and reducing blotchiness on the face.

Choose your sun protection wisely to avoid damaging the skin. At Cowgirl Dirt, we have several products to help protect your skin

Our High Noon Lip Moisturizer is perfect for protecting your lips while also keeping them hydrated.

Have you tried our Bronco BB Cream? This lightweight cream minimizes wrinkles and blemishes while providing sun protection.

The Hoof Pressed Foundation is rich in antioxidants. This foundation benefits the skin while shielding it from the sun.
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